Sonido Mundial

Born and raised in the Caribbean, producer/Multi-Instrumentalist A.R. De Jesús has always been surrounded by the flavor of Latin and World music. Inspired by the likes of Maná's Sergio Vallín and Shakira, A.R. got his first guitar early on and began his guitar studies a few years later playing Puerto Rican traditional and folk music in his native town of Villalba. A.R. went on to dive into the worlds of Rock and Thrash Metal, but eventually simmered down into Reggae, which then lead back full circle to his roots on Latin and World Music.

After over a decade of creating, playing, developing a guitar sound of his own, and producing music throughout different genres, A.R. began putting together the sounds and ideas for his first solo project, which would later evolve into NÓMADE. An outlet for freedom and creating without rules or restrictions, the project not only focuses on music but also on A.R.'s passion for all things art.

NÓMADE has also become the channel for A.R. to express and share the positive energy and influence for which he is known for. Making his primary goal in life to make the world a better place through positive influence.

Currently A.R. is working on both an EP and an LP. Both records blend all the years of experience not only musically but spiritually and fusion sounds influenced by World, Latin, Reggae, Electronic, Lounge, Downtempo, and Folk music. Poems and writings about positive influence, love, and embracing of ones roots, are the themes throughout the records. 

NÓMADE's debut EP "Sonido Nómade" was released on February 10, 2017. While the LP, "Espíritu y Música", is expected to be released in 2018.


-A.R. De Jesús
- David Del Bosque
- Sam Rith of Rith Images
- Orlando Sanchez-Lugo

"El Arte es la máxima expresión del Alma..."